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world's #1 all in one
whatsapp marketing automation software

automatic whatsapp filter

WhatsApp Bulk Sender includes automatic WhatsApp Filteration Tool which extracts active & non active WhatsApp numbers.

send multiple formats

Send text, image (jpg, png, gif), location, vCard, audio (.mp3), video (.mp4, .avi), documents (.txt, .doc, pdf, csv) and even combine these message types while sending bulk messages.

channel registration tool

Separate tool included - Manual & Automated Channel Registration Tool allowing you to create your own bulk WhatsApp Channels.

unlimited whatsapp channels

Upload bulk WhatsApp channels into the tool to save time, and send messages from different pre-registered WhatsApp numbers. Scale your campaigns to 1000s of messages in few mins.

campaign history & reporting

Our tool automatically saves a report after each finished campaign. You can share these reports within your company or provide client with your own custom branding at no cost.

change profile picture

Automatically change profile picture of all your WhatsApp channel. And capture this space with your own call to action, promotional offer, company logo, and your custom branding.


Our tool creates end to end encrypted messages which allows it to function with latest version of all WhatsApp versions now reach iPhone, Android and Windows users.

free update & 24x7 support

Each license comes with lifetime free updates with additional future versions. You get support via e-mail, WhatsApp, Live Chat, and Skype.

start using whatsapp bulk sender

make whatsapp marketing AN easy TASK

Save time, end your frustration, make more money and grow more profitable business using the power of WhatsApp marketing.

how can you use this tool?

Every industry can start utilizing our WhatsApp marketing software to start promoting their business and reach 1000s of targeted numbers directly on their cell phone.

Send Announcements, News & Updates

Promote Restaurant, Nightclubs & Events

Send Stock Market Updates & Real Estate Deals

Promote Websites & Mobile Apps

Create Engagement & Build Relationship

Run Time Sensitive & Special Holiday Offers

john(los angeles,usa)

John is a franchise owner of a Jewellery Shop chain across United States. He has been using WhatsApp Bulk Sender to take advantage of boosting more profits, running regular promotions, and getting more customers inside their store using Guerrilla marketing via WhatsApp.

watch the video in the left to find what he says

yulia (salon biz owner)

Yulia started using our tool to send out messages promoting her off days, and then special offers over the weekend to get her salon get filled with full capacity and future appointments. She has been able to triple her bookings because of WhatsApp Bulk Sender.

watch the video to the right to find what she says

Ashley (Biz Owner)

Ashley, used WA Bulk Sender to send out bulk WhatsApp messages and have been successful multiplying her business using our tool.

watch the video in the left to find what she says

The things we do best

Exceptional Support

Our team is always available to support you with any technical issues, future updates & providing WhatsApp channels.

5+ Years In Development

We have kept updating our software from time to time, with all kinds of changes brought by WhatsApp messaging platform.​

Known Across The Globe

Our tool can be operated anywhere on the planet. Thanks to our clients from more then 38+ countries & 90+ different industries using our tool.

Quick Updates & More Features

Our team is constantly working on providing any latest updates on time, bringing out additional feature, and working to creating the #1 WhatsApp solution.

Pay only for what you need

Start with one license or many. Try them at no obligation for 2 days and add more at any time.


30 days trial

  • Channel registration
  • Unlimited channels
  • Send multiple formats
  • Campaign reporting
  • Message encryption
  • Change profile picture
  • Free support
  • Easy to use



  • Channel registration
  • WhatsApp filter tool
  • Unlimited channels
  • Send multiple formats
  • Campaign reporting
  • Message encryption
  • Change profile picture
  • Priority support
  • Lifetime updates
  • Training Videos
  • PDF Documentation
  • VIP Members Area
  • Easy to use


10 PC license

  • 10 PC License
  • Channel registration
  • WhatsApp filter tool
  • Unlimited channels
  • Send multiple formats
  • Campaign reporting
  • Message encryption
  • Change profile picture
  • Lifetime support
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Training Videos
  • PDF Documentation
  • VIP Members Area
  • Easy to use
  • Priority Support
  • Resell Rights
  • 10 Licenses
  • 1 to 1 Chat Support
  • Sales Support
  • Marketing Files
  • Channel Suppliers
  • Biz In A Box

people talk

Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. Instead, here are some dudes that will do the hard work for us.

I am able to send daily WhatsApp Campaign using this tool. Easy, Get's Results, and Big ROI!
melisa pamuk
product designer
WA Bulk Sender is the best WhatsApp Marketing Tool ever. Period.
marina dalmas
marketing manager
I'd give 10x the money I paid you guys. You helped me rock my career with nightclubs promotions & my gigs. Huge Hug!
denis maceoin
music producer

Frequently asked questions

WhatsApp Bulk Sender Pro (Ultimate Edition) is a Desktop based Solution for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 or 10 with .NET Framework 4 installed. You require minimum 2mbps connection to send messages normally.

Number of messages you can send will depend on the settings you have, you will have access to configure the system as you wish.

Our recommended settings are 300-400 messages per day per channel in order to stay under the safe limit.

So, you can send 20,000 messages per day from 1000 different WhatsApp Channels also known as WhatsApp registered numbers/senders.

We have implemented many methods to lower the probability of being blocked, when will your sender be blocked is undetermined, but your channels may be blocked.

In order to keep senders long lasting you should limit the no. of messages sent per day by 300-400. And also make sure the sending speed is slow.

We cannot guarantee your channels getting blocked but only tell you best settings to use this software.

Our client send 300-400 message from each channel. they keeps 1000 channel in one software and sending text message 20k+ in 10 hrs.

Our software filters 1000 number in 1 sec if internet speed is very good like 10 mbps other wise 2-3 seconds.

Yes!, We will install the software in your system. And more over our software is plug and play, copy & paste anywhere in your computer. The only requirement is that you should have .NET Framework 4 installed.

Yes, you can use your own number to send messages via WhatsApp Bulk Sender. WBS uses to send messages. You can create new numbers in bulk and store the logged user session inside our tool. You don’t need to verify the numbers again and again.

Our system is not like a channel finder/grabber. We have given function by which you can register your own channels. For few country it may not work because of IP Address issue.

We have mentioned it in the price table. You can check the pricing for multiple copy license. From 1 system you can send text message at the most 20k if system remain on for at least 10 hrs.

If you have more to send then, you have to go for multiple PC license.

Yes, you will be provided with the files to do so, you can run it on one computer per license.

You can also buy VPS Server with Windows 2008 R2 server to run the softare virtually.

You can add unlimited channels. 

We don’t directly sell WhatsApp Channels. We recommend using these channels partners based on the quality of channels they provide:

You will receive a zipped file containing our software that you can install on your computer with Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Most web based providers give you pricing based on the numbers you send, without filtering data. Research done with our customers show that only between 45-60% of these messages are delivered, so the cost per message is high.

The software license is a one-time purchase. You need to add-on the WhatsApp Check service for filtering numbers before you send. These are in packs of 10, 25 and 50 Million numbers.

When you send an ad using WhatsApp Bulk Software, you may receive responses from users that you can reply to, in order to direct them to the right product or service.

Reach us on WhatsApp and talk to our account manager to start your free demo.

Once, you have downloaded our software, run it and go to register tab. Let us know the serial key in register tab. And then, we will create a unique activation key based on your PC. Activation process takes anywhere from 30-45 mins to 4 hours.

WhatsApp Bulk Sender is WhatsApp Marketing Software which can be used in all kinds of Windows operating systems. 

still have questions? reach us now

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Feel free to write to us with any question you have about our software. 

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